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A full spectrum of HR capabilities

PeopleSmart.Solutions is a full-service consultancy and training agency specializing in providing Solutions to meet the HR Department's needs. From Analytics Technology Surveys that identify strengths as well as potential gaps, our integrated Management and Collaboration Reporting tools make it easy for Managers to achieve greater balance and alignment on their teams. Your Corporation's Values are included in what our Virtual Staffing Team is looking for and as a result you experience the "best behavioral and emotional intelligence fit" in all your people. 


HR Strategy

• What are your real needs

During our discovery meeting we inquire about your present HR situation, the main perceived issues, desired results, and through a variety of interactive activities and brainstorming tools we offer solutions.

• Tactics

Our tactics include Account Management, development of customized solutions, and access to in-house resources to generate the desired results.

• Education, Training, Compliance

Based on your existing structure and following-up on meetings and surveys, we make recommendations and provide content for education, training & compliance (federal and state) across your HR process.

• Measurement & Benchmark

Each company have its own performance metrics uniquely related to its jobs. Successful HR Hiring Process starts with the position descriptive statistics to help set the norm and expectations, whereas all performance metrics must be objective.

Customized Services

• Communication

Words are the glue that hold the creative aspects together. Good communication matches company objectives within your culture..

• Analytics

Numbers don't lie! Let Data Analytics be Your Partner. HR analytics that helps HR leaders better recruit, retain, and forecast talent needs. Improve decisions on workforce diversity, employee retention, and talent acquisition (service provided by our affiliate). Read more...

• Talent Management

Measure the Job, Benchmark the Position, Create the AI Model, Verify the Fit, Quantify Performance and AI Optimize (service provided by our affiliate). Read more...

• Creating the Right Work Environment

Memorable content that homes in on what matters to your employees helps endear you to your personnel and identify you as an expert in your industry.



• Analytics

HR analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. HR analytics, also known as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, revolves around analyzing people problems using data to answer critical questions about your organization. This enables better and data-driven decision-making.

• Creative Solutions

Once issues are revealed, solutions can be created. At that point, thinking out of the box is often the key to permanently solving those same issues.

Creative problem-solving is the mental process of searching for an original and previously unknown solution to a problem.

• Personalized Training For Your Next Level of Success

This training is a unique new combination of self knowledge and consciousness development techniques. 
They enable you to build a customized empowering process, that will help you discover new dimensions of your power and strength and create your future with integrity. 

This process will help you create and join relationships,  families,  teams, businesses and communities that truly work for you and bring out the best in them.

• Reports & Collateral

Reports will provide important details to be used to help develop future forecasts, personnel development, marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making. Leadership levels will use reports to track progress and growth, identify trends or any irregularities that may need further attention.